Access, Monitoring and Billing. You're in control with our Platform and Hardware.

Key2Asset is a ‘smart’ solution for anyone who finds it important to control their assets. From access management to monitoring specific usage and a billing solution, it’s all available in one easy to use platform, at an affordable price.

Simply start with one unit and expand as your needs increase or your business grows. Solutions such as allowing only authorised users to start an asset or open a gate using a card, mobile phone or even with our knock-knock technology. But also having control of a whole fleet of different forklifts, tractors or other moving assets by monitoring exactly who is driving them, where they are and how the equipment is performing. Valuable data is collected that can increase safety, create efficiencies, increase longevity and save you money.

With our billing solution, you can allocate costs to users in different ways and define parameters yourself. (time, distance, power used etc).

The insights you’ll get using our platform will be valuable to your staff, your clients and will help you to grow your business.

Ease of Use, Scalable, Flexible, Affordable.

Industry Markets

We developed Key2Asset as an affordable, flexible, ‘smart’ solution that can be scaled. Hardware that is easy to install and providing one single platform for all your different brands and assets – both new and old. Your needs may vary depending on the industry, line of work or role you work in. 

Key2Asset brings value to almost any industry and directly benefits your business and your customers. Have a look at  a few of our focus industries and discover how we can specifically help you and your organisation.